School Direct

For more information regarding School Direct, contact the Teaching School Administrator, Raj Powar at or by calling 020 8997 5855.

School Direct

Working in partnership with the University of Roehampton, the WLTA supported nine School Direct Trainees placed in seven alliance schools through the academic year 2018-19.

This first-ever cohort of 9 WLTA School Direct Trainees has been resoundingly successful, with all nine successfully gaining their PGCE and QTS qualifications. 90% of our School Direct Trainees secured NQT posts for September 2019 with the vast majority staying at the schools in Ealing that fostered them through their School Direct Year.

Schools that have participated in the WLTA School Direct programme have found that participation in School Direct has proved extremely beneficial for a number of reasons. Engaging a School Direct Trainee stabilizes recruitment, helps to shape school CPD, builds links with other schools and delivers long term financial savings. Furthermore, schools’ School Direct mentors are provided with high-quality CPD by the University of Roehampton and the School Direct Trainee’s NQT induction is aided because they already know the school’s systems and pedagogy.

Key Elements of the School Direct Process

Once a school has joined the WLTA School Direct programme, the key elements of the recruitment process are:

  • WLTA searches for candidates and carries out initial screening of applications
  • Promising candidates are telephone interviewed by the WLTA before applications are forwarded to recruiting Headteachers for interview shortlisting
  • Recruiting Headteachers interview candidates that they have selected
  • The interview is a four-part process which requires the candidate to deliver a short observed lesson, be interviewed by a panel of Headteachers and to sit a literacy and numeracy paper
  • Once an offer is made to a candidate following a successful interview, the University of Roehampton’s Admissions Department takes over the recruitment process
  • Recruiting schools to appoint a School Direct mentor and Class Teacher (ideally separate individuals) in advance of the Trainee’s arrival in September

School Direct Testimonial

After completing her School Direct year at her host school a School Direct graduate has completed her first full term as a Year 2 teacher at an Ealing School. She offers the following testimonial regarding her experience as a School Direct Trainee with the WLTA:

During September 2018 to July 2019 I was enrolled on the School Direct Programme at Montpelier Primary School. Whilst challenging and daunting it was an extremely rewarding and insightful year. Teaching was an area that I previously had little experience of and therefore felt extremely nervous and apprehensive at the start the course.


However, I feel little else could have prepared me any better for my NQT year. The ‘hands-on’ placement year meant that I got to know the routines and systems at my school well and this prepared me for the current academic year. At times I doubted I would be here as an NQT due to the varied demands expected of you as a practitioner. I feel privileged to have had the support of fantastic mentors at both my ‘home’.


In addition to the support of mentors, tutors and lecturers, the Teaching School (WLTA) went over and above to ensure the smooth running of the programme and my own wellbeing. Throughout the programme, we received valuable and thought-provoking training from a range of professionals working within schools and in other areas of education. It was rewarding to visit other schools as part of the Complementary Training Plan rather than being based in a single school for the whole year. It provided me with invaluable opportunities to meet other trainees and teachers from a range of schools.


I fully recommend the School Direct Programme at the WLTA to any potential trainee.

For further information regarding the School Direct 2020-21 programme with the West London Teaching Alliance and the University of Roehampton, please contact Raj Powar, Teaching School Administrator at or on 020 8997 5855.

Alternatively, please take a moment to complete the short expression of interest form found at the following link to arrange a telephone consultation with Raj Powar about the potential benefits to your school from taking part in School Direct:

For more information, contcat Teaching School Administrator, Raj Powar at or by calling 020 8997 5855.