Reading and the Construction of Meaning

Programme Lead Mark Hartley, Barnes Primary School
Focus Group Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 teachers
Time Offered One Day
Cost £650 for a maximum of 2 teachers per school with additional delegates at £200 each

In the new Key Stage 2 SATs tests in 2016 only 66% of 11 year olds reached the government’s national performance standard. This programme focuses on the 1 in 3 who did not.

10% of 7-11 year olds have poor comprehension despite fluent and accurate decoding. What can teachers do to help these children to improve?

Children with specific comprehension struggles experience difficulties with the skills and processes that support the construction of meaning. How can we help them make sense of what they read?

This one day professional development course will consider:

  • Reading theory
  • Current research
  • Practical strategies teachers can use
  • Filmed examples of these strategies in practice in the classroom


  • To consider the most up-to-date research on reading comprehension
  • To consider the comprehension process: how do we understand what is read? How is meaning established?
  • To look at practical teaching strategies that staff can use that will assist all pupils to be better comprehenders
  • To look at why some pupils are weak comprehenders and what can be done to support them
  • To evaluate different ways in which guided reading can be organised
  • To define some helpful technical terms so that both staff and pupils can use them in productive ways

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