National Leaders of Education

National Leaders of Education are head teachers, executive heads and CEOs, who have experience of effectively supporting schools in challenging circumstances. In this role, NLEs and their staff can provide high-quality support to those most in need, in addition to leading their own schools.

NLEs  work alongside teaching schools and other system leaders to support schools in delivering educational excellence everywhere to help raise standards.

Within the alliance there are currently two NLEs.

1. NLEs can work with a variety of schools and, following a process of due diligence, will formalise a contractual agreement that covers the breadth and timescale of work.

2. NLEs usually work with schools identified as being in need of significant improvement by the Department for Education, Ofsted, a teaching school, a regional schools commissioner or a local authority. Individual schools and governing bodies are also able to commission the services and support of an NLE.

An NLE’s work is tailored to the needs of the supported school. They can get involved in different ways, including:

  • working alongside their staff
  • working alone
  • the supporting school’s staff providing support under the NLE’s initial direction

To enquire about an NLE deployment please contact:

Or telephone 020 8997 5855 and ask for Teaching School Administrator, Raj Powar.