General Feedback

With regard to the training so many members of staff have been to see me about how inspirational the day was and how they are very keen to get going on many aspects.
Sally Flowers, Headteacher, North Ealing Primary School, Ealing

Thank you so much for the fantastic inset day last week. Very helpful and inspirational and I’ve had lots of very positive feedback from staff again.
Sarah Bouette, Headteacher, St Thomas’ CE Primary, Kensington and Chelsea

Our team loved the training session and we have just had a very fruitful debrief regarding spelling, strategies and how we are going to implement some of the ideas you shared with us. Everybody is very excited and enthusiastic!
Alex Cornelius, Grove Park Primary School, Chiswick

Just to say a HUGE thank you, it’s quite rare to have an Inset after Christmas that leaves everyone ready & raring to teach. It was amazing from my point of view, I implemented so much of what I learned from your sessions into my regular classroom teaching & it made a positive & very noticeable difference. You’re an inspiration!
Hayley Bostock, St Michael’s, Wandsworth

NPQML & NPQSL Testimonials

Over the last three years, the WLTA has received many glowing testimonials participants of the WLTA NPQML and NPQSL programmes at Montpelier Primary School, including:

Great trainers that provided priceless information and support.

By being on the NPQML course, I have been able to deepen my own pedagogy as well as develop the strategies necessary to be an effective middle leader.”

I loved the content as it was a valuable way to reflect and deepen my leadership style.

A thoroughly valuable series of training sessions which helped me reflect on my leadership skills and learn.

Really enjoyed it, really valuable, the networking was really useful and the reading was inspiring!

The sessions helped me reflect on leadership qualities and what I want to try and achieve and how I can have an impact.

The programme helped me think about how I can empower others.

Thanks! It’s nice to have a range of great leaders leading the sessions.

All the sessions were amazing but this one in particular as it really helped us see how we can implement all that we have learnt.

Thank you! I thought the session was intense but fantastic!

It was great to be a part of a community of would-be leaders.

Fantastic trainers, full of enthusiasm.

Thank you! I thought the session was intense but fantastic!

The programme has helped me be aware of relationships that need to be formed and how to build on these. It has helped me consider the skills needed to be an effective leader and ways to positively implement change.

As a middle leader, the course has opened my eyes to the fact that there is a community beyond my classroom and year group – parents, governors – and this programme has improved my communication with all stakeholders.

I have been shown how to lead with impact. I have enjoyed hearing about the latest books that help leaders in schools become more effective. After every session, I come away with different strategies to use within my school and my role.

Lots of research to help support my own theories and ideas, as well as material that I’ve been able to use in different ways with my middle leaders.

I do feel that it has helped me to become more effective in my role as it has helped me to develop my understanding of how to work effectively with the members of my team. I have been able to see a much better picture of leadership and the different roles that it holds.

I learned how I can manage a team, using different approaches as well as working in partnership with colleagues and parents.

While taking part in this course and talking to other leaders it has made me realise how far our school has come and that I have developed in the role I have been in and ready for the next challenge.

I feel if you want to progress in your career it helps you with what strategies to use and to make an impact. Also keeps you up to date with the latest reads and articles.

I believe the presenters/facilitators have been incredibly effective, the readings are relevant, and the time spent networking and discussing our own school settings with colleagues from other schools allows us the space to refocus on our leadership priorities and how to be successful with them.

I would recommend the programme as it has been very well presented, having different speakers each session has allowed for different techniques and leadership styles to be discussed as well as having a range of experiences has provided a much richer experience.

Preparation for Ofsted

The training and review day really supported the understanding of senior and middle leaders in effective school self-evaluation. This training developed understanding and confidence in all my staff. A really valuable day! Thank you.
Tessa Hodgson – Oaklands Primary School

Highly Effective Mathematics

Thank you so much for a great day on Friday – it was truly inspiring. We loved it.
Sarah Bouette, Headteacher, St Thomas’ CE Primary, Kensington and Chelsea

Talk for Learning

Thank you so much for yesterday. The trainees have said it was fantastic and provided lots of food for thought. Many thanks again.
Ros Morgan, Assistant Headteacher, Fox Primary School

Teaching Writing

Two of our teachers attended the two-day training at Montpelier last autumn and said it was the best course they had ever been on!
Brigitte Ball, Assistant Headteacher, Gifford Primary School, Ealing

You left us all inspired about teaching writing! Thank you so much for the passion, knowledge and experience you shared so generously with our staff team on Monday.
Anne Wilson, Headteacher, Fircroft Primary School, Tooting

Just wanted to say that I thought the course was outstanding. I left with so many ideas on what I could do to improve my own teaching. I have just finished a 2 week block using many of your ideas and the results are incredible. There has been an immediate impact in the quality of writing. Thank you so much for your ideas.
Richard Milsom, Sellingcourt Primary School, Wandsworth

I wanted to say thank you for the support you gave Holy Cross last year with teaching and learning and also for supporting me to improve writing across the curriculum. Writing was a huge focus for us last year and I am delighted to say that it has dramatically improved across the school. We now have wonderful writing displays and it is often complemented upon when we have visitors.
Julie Barton, Senior Assistant Headteacher, Holy Cross Catholic Primary School, Basuto Road, Fulham

Thank you for a truly inspirational session-very positive feedback from all my teachers.
Anita Puri, Headteacher, Blair Peach Primary School, Southall, Ealing

I just wanted to share with you our news that Holy Trinity was graded outstanding by Ofsted in July. I’ve been thinking of all the people that have helped us along the way and you were definitely one of them. Thank you so much for the inset that you gave the team and all the support for developing our writing!
Penny Cox, Headteacher, Holy Trinity Primary, Richmond-upon-Thames

Reading KS2

I just wanted to thank you for the day. Your courses are consistently well prepared, perfectly pitched and pacey (pace, not speed). It’s a shame that all our CPD is not of the same quality. I had a long chat with our excellent NQT, Sarah about the day. She was energised and invigorated and loved every minute. The fact you also handed over such amazing resources made the course even more worthwhile for her. Keep doing what you’re doing and hope to see you soon.
Claude Gauci, Associate Headteacher, Servite R.C Primary School

Thank you so much for your superb training yesterday. It has provided much food for thought.
Helen Rai, Headteacher, Lady Margaret’s, Ealing

Thank you again for a fantastic INSET. We all came away ‘buzzing’ and ready to implement necessary changes and ideas into our teaching of reading across the school.
Kirsty Davis, Headteacher, St Mary’s RC Primary, North Kensington