Mission - A moral purpose for West London Teaching Alliance activity

We will protect our children from the impact of substantial teacher shortages and make sure we have the right people with the right skills in the right places. We will attract, develop and retain a talented workforce by offering high quality training and managed career progression across the alliance.

We will give all children an increasing chance to excel by furthering our expertise and extending our knowledge about what works. Acting as an alliance will facilitate joint practice development, improve sharing of effective strategies and increase the impact of our RnD investments through economies of scale.

We will give all children in schools associated with West London Teaching Alliance a more equal chance to excel. To do this we will pool our expertise and design a collaborative response to local need.

Ethos - A distinct culture for the West London Teaching Alliance which helps define and market all aspects of the programme

We believe children deserve champions and “champions do extra”. We have the highest expectations of children and teachers and we are committed to getting better all the time.

We achieve unity in diversity – all our schools share a common core of expertise while continuing to extend their own unique specialisms. We celebrate our differences – it makes us alert and stimulates thought. The distinct approaches across West London Teaching Alliance give everyone – student teacher or senior leader – the chance to look afresh at their own practice and assumptions.

We take care of our teachers – our schools are enjoyable, stimulating and responsive environments for teachers as well as children. When we choose you to work with us we are making a commitment back to you, to take your ideas seriously, to address your concerns and to foster your talent and your career